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Why Would You Want a Wooden Surfboard Anyway?

In the past, wooden surfboards were big heavy things that were hard to move around and performed like a pig in the waves, so why would you even want to consider a timber surfboard in the world of the modern ultra lightweight foam/fiberglass boards?

Well, new wooden surfboards have come a long way in recent years with new hollow core construction methods and availability of exotic lightweight wooden materials becoming more available, wooden surfboards are no longer heavy sinkers, but light weight performance boards that are eco-friendly and true works of art and craftsmanship.

The hollow core construction of our surfboards are not dissimilar to modern aircraft wings with a network of ribs and spines internally skinned over by lightweight Paulownia timber, (often referred to as the Aluminium of the timber world).

This makes for an ultra-strong surfboard that looks good, super lightweight and has just enough flex in it, giving you a close feel to the water underfoot creating a more organic ride and a more organic product!

Another consideration in choosing a wooden board is the fact that instead of using products such as styrofoam and plastic that pollute the planet, you’re now able to choose a board that is natural, biodegradable and sustainable.

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