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It’s Been A Busy Couple Of Weeks

We’re definitely not bored with the number of boards we have on the go…

We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks cutting, gluing, piecing, creating and shaping nine different boards. Yep, nine wooden DIY surfboard kits. We thought we would take this opportunity to give you a behind the scenes showcase of the workshop in full productive mode (or full chaos mode – it’s all about perspective).

We’ve got the 5’2 Kids, 5’5 Shortie, 5’5 Mini Simmons, 5’11 Fish, The 6’1, 6’4 Eggy, 8’0 Mini Mal, 9’2 Long Board and let’s not forget the 9’6 SUP.

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Here’s a nice display of some of the boards we have been working to complete.

We are the definition of the saying ‘you can never have too many clamps’ to make your DIY Wooden Surfboard Kit.