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Spotlight On: The 5’11 Fish

“THE 5’11 FISH” The 5’11 Fish has a classic shape; it’s wide with a fatter tail to help you ride those trickier waves. This board has a gentle rocker with a single concave along the whole length of the board, this means that it is suitable for a single or twin fin set up. The […]

Spotlight On: The 9’2 Long Board

“THE NOSE RIDER” The 9’2 Long Board is our most advanced board yet. We listened to our customers’ feedback and gave this board a bit of an overhaul in early 2019. We then released the new and improved long board, not for the faint of heart! An all new shape featuring a gentle rocker, simple […]

New Rails For All!

We want our rails to be as simple and easy for our customers as possible, and that’s why we’re changing up our wooden surfboard kits. The previous rails for our boards were split into two parts and had to be joined together like a jigsaw before being installed. This method worked well but we knew […]

A Periodic Shop Update

We Are Over Run With Wooden Surfboards It’s been another hectic week in the workshop. We’ve been run off our feet getting orders packaged and shipped as fast as we can. We’ve been getting lots of international orders from landlocked countries, who would have thought that tiny countries that don’t even touch the ocean would […]

We’ve Just Released A Huge Selection Of Rocker Tables!

“What is a rocker table and how does it help me build a wooden surfboard?” I hear you say. Let me enlighten you. In order for us to understand what a rocker table is and how to use it, we first need to understand the term ‘rocker’. Every type of surfboard will have a different […]

It’s Been A Busy Couple Of Weeks

We’re definitely not bored with the number of boards we have on the go… We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks cutting, gluing, piecing, creating and shaping nine different boards. Yep, nine wooden DIY surfboard kits. We thought we would take this opportunity to give you a behind the scenes showcase of the […]

Why Would You Want a Wooden Surfboard Anyway?

In the past, wooden surfboards were big heavy things that were hard to move around and performed like a pig in the waves, so why would you even want to consider a timber surfboard in the world of the modern ultra lightweight foam/fiberglass boards? Well, new wooden surfboards have come a long way in recent […]

DIY Surfboard Kits Shipped Internationally? Yes Please!

You heard me correctly. DIY Surfboard Kits are now offering international shipping! Thanks to an awesome new opportunity from our international freight suppliers, we’re now able to ship our full DIY surfboard kits overseas (deck skins included). If you’ve been looking at purchasing a kit but couldn’t find a local supplier for lightweight timber, we […]