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About us

We make world-leading high-quality, DIY Wooden surfboard kits for the home DIYer

Think wooden thoughts


Our DIY wooden surfboard kits are 100% designed and manufactured in-house, meaning we have total control over every aspect.

Our design approach revolves around asking the question; “what would make this hard for an average DIYer to achieve?” and come up with creative and innovative solutions to these potential issues.

We are the original manufacture that uses 100% solid Paulownia for all aspects of our boards, and our design innovations have been adopted by many other builders.

It is through our comprehensive testing and development we have created the best wooden surfboard frame designs there is.


Our kits are manufactured using high-quality Paulownia veneers and a combination of CNC CO2 laser cutters for the frames, large format plotters for the 1:1 paper templates, and advanced CAD/CAM software for the design and processing work.

We also operate a variety of 3D printers for rapid prototyping of new deck hardware and shaping tools.

Thanks to this full control of the manufacturing we are not reliant on large batch processing and can easily prototype, test, and execute design improvements meaning our kits have evolved faster than any other frame manufacturer out there!

About DIY Surfboard Kits 1
Just wanted to say thanks so much for shipping this to LA - I've been having a great time putting it together. I really appreciate the effort you've put into your youtube videos, they make everything so much easier to understand and you leave some good room for experimentation depending on whatever's in the garage to help put a board together. I also think it's awesome how much development you put into your kits, they are clearly always evolving and improving and you are thinking about how to make truly the best kits anyone can buy.
About DIY Surfboard Kits 2
I built my first surfboard with one of Jordans build sets. It was a big adventure and I am pretty happy with the result. Finally it took me around 40 to 50 hours to finish the first build. There are several more to follow until next summer. Great learning experience in wood handcrafting.
About DIY Surfboard Kits 2
Dominik Dietrich